• Welcome to publity AG

    With an impressive 17 year track record as an investor in commercial real estate in larger German cities such as Frankfurt and Munich, publity is proving to be one of the most successful companies with its "manage- to core" concept.


    Renowned for transaction speed and purchasing power based on non- leveraged cash only purchases, the Leipzig based publity currently manages an asset portfolio worth 3.0 billion Euro's and can boast a track record of 528 profitably sold German assets to date.

    Frederik Mehlitz and Thomas Olek (f.l.t.r.)


  • publity acquires “Marktkarree” shopping center in Langenfeld

    Tuesday, 2017-03-21

    publity AG (Scale, ISIN DE0006972508) has acquired the “Marktkarree” shopping center in Langenfeld, which was built in 2008. This property has a total of 11,300 m2 of usable space, including office, retail and residential units. Marktkarree is located in the high-traffic pedestrian zone in Langenfeld, in direct proximity to the much-loved market square, and is the 583rd property in publity’s portfolio.

  • Rental levels increase in the office property Edmund-Rumpler-Straße 6 in Cologne

    Thursday, 2017-03-16

    The property acquired in January 2017 by publity AG in the Rhineland city of Cologne is practically fully let.  

  • publity AG acquires Oceon Work office building in Bremerhaven

    Tuesday, 2017-03-14

    Leipzig-based publity AG has acquired the Oceon Work office building in Bremerhaven which offers almost 3,800 m2 of office space from Kathmann Bauunternehmung GmbH u. Co. KG. This representative property was completed at the end of 2014.

AIFM-compliant investments

The implementation of the “AIFM Directive” in the new “German Capital Investment Code”, which took effect on 22 July 2013, entails a far-reaching restructuring of the “grey capital market”. In practice, this means more security and transparency for investors, while at the same time imposing stricter regulatory and administrative requirements on issuers, management and distributors. In a parallel process to the ongoing legislation process, the publity financial group has created the organisational bases under company law for future EU law-compliant associated companies with the establishment of publity Emissionshaus GmbH and publity Performance GmbH.


The publity financial group meets high internal quality requirements, legally binding compliance requirements and has a well-balanced social responsibility program. It meets the current and future demands of managers of alternative investment funds through legislation at European and national levels. The publity financial group has taken measures to ensure that its companies, members of executive bodies and employees act in compliance with the law and engage in early risk identification and risk minimisation. The publity financial group thus pursues the objective of repositioning assets via private capital investments, further improving product quality and increasing its attractiveness with security and transparency.