publity Performance Fonds

Why invest in publity closed-end funds? Closed-end funds from the publity performance fund portfolio are an interesting alternative to classic investments in the investor’s portfolio, because with just over 10 years of experience publity has developed an unrivalled product.

Overview Real Estate Fund / AIF

Launched Issuing phase Status Issued capital (euros)
publity Performance Fonds Nr. 6
07.05.2013 07.2013–06.2014 In process
publity Performance Fonds Nr. 7
10.10.2013 02.2014–12.2015 In process
publity Performance Fonds Nr. 8
16.03.2015 01.2016–06.2017 In process

publity Fonds: security for your investment capital

Our fund managers can prove decades-long competence in the asset class of “property from the realisation of bank security”. The optimal representation of investors’ interests is guaranteed with the use of a seamless trust company and an independently acting custody bank. Clearly defined investment criteria and independent review processes (due diligence) by well-known law firms avoid risks for the investors already at the outset. As an investment management company, the independent publity Performance GmbH is responsible for the external management. And, last but not least, our policy of investing exclusively in German property ensures security.

publity Funds generate risk-free earnings

publity’s closed-end funds are earnings-oriented investment products. Investors receive dividends from their investments annually and, at the end of the short term, build on earnings that exceed the other forms of investments. High earnings opportunities always involve a higher risk. At publity, these risk factors are reduced to a minimum due to, for example, clearly defined investment criteria, independent review processes (due diligence) and the exclusion of fund-to-fund transactions. Based on a detailed review, specialists work out a solid disposal strategy for each individual property and each tangible asset. Furthermore: all publity Performance Funds have demonstrably exceeded the returns forecast in the fund prospectuses.

publity Funds are independent of share markets

Closed-end funds, such as the publity Performance Fund, are not traded on the stock exchange and not subject to any short-term price fluctuations. Total earnings and the term are the deciding benchmarks for the success of investors’ investments.

publity Fund invests in growth markets

The pressure on the banking industry is very high due to the continuing financial crisis. For many years, more and more banks in Europe have sold a certain portion of their loan or property portfolios. The market volume of this property from the realisation of bank security is estimated to exceed EUR 100 billion in Germany alone. During the course of the crisis in the financial market and with the introduction of Basel III, analysts expect that this total volume will again increase significantly.

publity Fund only invests in German tangible assets

The property acquired by the publity Performance Fund is located solely in the legal territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. Thus, investors and not only benefit from the value increases in German property but also have the full protection of the German legal and tax system as well as German politics.

publity Funds are significant to the national economy

publity Performance Funds invest in real assets and, with this commitment, create real value and secure workplaces. In addition, they play a role in stabilising the financial markets. Through the sale of these assets from property, banks have the opportunity to restructure their loan business and improve their performance. In this way, they secure liquidity and are able to manage their risks better and refinance themselves. On balance, this stabilises the entire financial system.

publity Funds are transparent without compromise

Investors investing in publity Performance Funds can find all the information on their business involvement and calculations in detail in the sales prospectus. Each prospectus is formally reviewed and approved by the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). Annual reports are sent to all investors at regular intervals during the term of the Fund. In addition, investors, interested parties and sales partners can receive reports prepared by auditors in accordance with the IDW-S4 standard on all fund products. publity is aware of the demand for exemplary transparency and publishes a performance report in accordance with the guidelines of VGF Verband Geschlossene Fonds e. V annually.